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Adela prepared her coffee without any artificial additions; She utilized a home method to process the coffee. Its elaboration began with roasting in a clay comal over low heat and constant movement, producing uniform bean roasting. Once completing the roasting process, she grinds the coffee in a hand grinder or a more primitive process using a stone approximately 14 inches wide and 22 inches long, crushing the coffee beans with another rock in the shape of a roller.

The Traditional Family Coffee

Of The Coffee Beans

In Chiriquí Province, Panama, the home of a coffee bean processing plant managed by the Lezcano family. Offers a final product like Adela's; In April 2021, Adela's Café was established and became part of the team that provides customers with the delights of high-quality coffee; which is carefully treated from the harvest to roasting, grinding, and bagging.

The Lezcano family, represents 5 Generations of coffee producers since 1947, in Renacimiento, Santa Clara in Chiriquí Province.

The Lezcano family has an extension of 55 hectares of plantations blended in volcanic soil and native shadow that goes from 1,100 MASL (Meters Above Sea Level) up to 1,400 MASL. The Lezcano family utilizes this land to grow a blend of caturra and catui as 80% of its production. In the lot of La Mimada, they have Pacamara, Caturra, Yellow Bourbon, and

Geisha. In this region, you could encounter temperatures that go below 13º C (55.4°F). This farm is highly aided by wide-grown shade, contributing to their temperature variations, sweeter and brighter cup.

The Lezcano family processes all beans from La Mimada in an African bed; it is processed under the sun with a slow dry that takes 20 to 28 days. The process varies from Wash, Honey, Natural, and extended fermentation.

A team of professionals, led by Lezcano's grandfather and assisted by a robust associate's team who helps with the care and manual recollection of the delicious beans, is required to handcraft the cup you will be tasting from Adela's Café.

The Traditional Family Coffee

The Home


Adela's Café's mission is to provide our customers a traditional, exclusive, and the best quality Panamanian coffee in the world.

To be the leading provider of the wide range of the highest-quality Panamanian coffee in the world.

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